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About Us Zombies

There’s only one thing better than brains. And that’s brains on coffee. Zombie Koffee, to be exact. Made right here in Pittsburgh, the Zombie Capital of the World. While the city may have gotten its zombie claim to fame from our all-time favorite flick, “Night of the Living Dead,” it never had a beverage that could actually wake up the dead. Until now. Zombie Koffee transforms any mushy, slow-moving brain into a sharp and powerful weapon. Oh yeah, it tastes good, too.

Welcome to the Darkness

You probably think we’re about to welcome you into a dark and spooky graveyard or something, right? While that’s a super cool idea, the darkness we’re talking about is actually our coffee. It’s deep. It’s dark. And it’s delicious. Whether you go for our dark roast or medium roast, it’s the real deal.

 None of this light beige coffee-like stuff with piles of whipped cream on top. We’re talking deep, dark coffee we roast in small batches with utmost care. Coffee that penetrates your brain and electrifies your soul. It’s the perfect pick for keeping you awake for binge-watching your favorite shows – or late night walks beneath a full moon.     

 Zombie Koffee will wake up the dead.