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Why You Need Great Coffee While Working Remotely

Working remotely comes with tons of perks – as long as you can keep yourself awake long enough to enjoy them. Yeah, it can be all too easy to fall into a corpse-like slump when you’re at home by yourself, staring at your computer screen all day. You need coffee. Make that great coffee. Make that great coffee that can wake the dead. Here’s why.  Boosts Energy, Improves Performance  The magic ingredient in coffee is caffeine, a wildly popular natural stimulant. Caffeine is known for increasing energy, shaking you out of that corpse-like slump, and improving your overall performance. This counts for both physical and mental activities. Coffee can enhance a variety of brain functions, including reaction time, memory and...

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How to Transform At-Home Coffee into Awesome Coffee

If your at-home coffee tastes like motor oil, you have a couple of options. Don’t worry – giving up caffeine isn’t one of them. Your first option is to start a super-expensive and loaded-with-weird-ingredients habit of frappes at your local coffee shop. The other is to learn how to transform your home brew into a delicious brew with two simple tips (which just so happen to be the same tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse). They are:   Choose your weapon Load the right ammo   Weapon 1: The Coffee Pot Good for: Those who dig easy routines Equivalent to: Zombie baseball bat Strengths: You probably already have one, often programmable, ideal for crowds Weakness: Needs filters   You can’t...

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Caffeine Chronicles: A Hilarious Guide to Coffee Concoctions

Espresso: Espresso : the Ferrari of coffees, where boiling water goes full-on action movie, zipping through finely-ground coffee beans to create this potent, syrupy potion. It's like the rocket fuel for Italian coffee concoctions, packing a punch that makes regular brewed coffee feel like a lullaby. Latte/Iced Latte: Think of a latte as coffee wearing a cozy milk sweater, topped with a dollop of milk foam. It's the coffee equivalent of a group hug, smoother and gentler on the palate. And hey, if you're feeling adventurous, throw in some flavored syrup; it's the latte's version of putting on a funky hat. Black Coffee: Black coffee, the reliable friend who's effortlessly cool. It's the easy-going, "no frills" coffee; no milk, no...

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